Alternative Fuel System

Alternative fuels refer to products or byproducts that are produced after processing which can be used as a substitute of fossil fuel. Some examples of alternative fuel products are such as charchoal, liquid fuel and gasous hydrocarbon fuel.


As a pioneer in R&D and solid waste treatment, PEMSB has focused more on technologies that are not only able to treat but also able to generate more valuable returns. In line with this new direction, PEMSB has looked into different processes such as gassification and pyrolysis. Whether it is gasification or pyrolysis, both processes are able to produce the same alternative fuel products.

So what is the difference between the gasification and pyrolysis and how is it related to PEMSB? In a nutshell, PEMSB has been involved in combustion technologies which relates to thermochemical process since establishment and now both the new processes (gasification and pyrolysis) are involving thermochemical process as well where the former is operated under minimum air condition while the latter is operated in the absence of air.

PEMSB has invested heavily on R&D developing prototypes to pilot scale units not only for own purposes but also for learning institutes like universities and other research centres that are interested to conduct further studies.


PEMSB has also won several innovative invention awards along with university's collaboration.


PEMSB is also a recognized local manufacturer and assembler under the Sustaintable Energy Development Authority Malaysia (SEDA). For more information, please refer to SEDA website.




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