Large Scale Incinerator 

Due to established experience of PEMSB in the area of incinerators, PEMSB was identifed as a party on behalf of the Government to receive technology transfer from Japanese technology provider in the Proposed Municipal Incinerator Project to serve Klang Valley in the early 2000s. The Government provided crucial support in the form of capacity building for PEMSB to leap from being a manufacturer of small capacity fixed bed incinerators to designer/manufacturer of large Rotary Kiln Incineration System. PEMSB took the challenge from the Government and with a Government R&D Grant support joined hands with SIRIM Berhad as the Project Technical Collaborator to undertake the design and built of AMMWISTM an Affordable Modular Municipal Waste Incineration System for Malaysia. SIRIM Berhad is the national body pioneering in quality standards and technology innovation, wholly owned by Government of Malaysia under Mnistry of Finance Incorporated. The authorities who collaborated and supported the project was DOE, Ministry of Housing and Local Government, Solid Waste Department, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Alam Flora Sdn Bhd (concessionaire of MSW for central region and operator for landfill in Jabor, Pahang), Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan and Majlis Perbandaran Kajang. 







This patented AMMWISTM comprises of mechanical waste feeder system, rotary kiln chamber, secondary combustion chamber, heat exchanger system, wet scrubber system, fuel supply system, supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) and continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) for gases and anciliaries. 



Small Scale Incinerators

PEMSB also has the expertise to design and manufacture both rotary kiln and fixed bed type incinerators for small scale applications. The incinerators are specially designed to cater for different wastes such as general waste, paper waste, animal carcass, human corpse, medical waste, industrial waste, etc

  Rotary kiln incinerators
  Fixed bed incinerators

PEMSB also can design different types of Scrubber systems to be incorporated with the incinerators


1. Rotary kiln incinerator


2. Fixed bed incinerator


3. Scrubber system 


Being a manufacturer of incinerator, PEMSB also has extensive experience in crematory projects such as manufacturing cremator and designs of crematoriums and columbariums.



  • Fast cremation process wtih 5 burners
  • Special ash chamber for continuous operation
  • Guaranteed compliance to emission standard
  • Fuel saving technology
  • Very compact in size (no ID Fan and moving hearth)
  • Low operation noise (no ID Fan) 
  • Proven technology
  • Very competitive in price









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